County staff have prepared Background Reports on the various elements to be addressed in Plan2040. There are nine reports in total; each is linked below. Together, these reports provide a snapshot of existing conditions in each of these areas and progress made in implementing the goals of the SAPs and the 2009 GDP.

In addition, RKG Associates has prepared a Land Use Market Analysis to study the County's economic and demographic trends, how these are projected to impact the demand for different land uses in the County, and how development policies and trends, if continued, will impact the future supply of land for various uses. 

Together, these reports will provide a snapshot of existing conditions in each of these areas and progress made in implementing the goals of the SAPs and the 2009 GDP. 

Plan2040 (Volume I)

Plan2040 (Volume II)

PAB Draft Errata Sheet

Below is a summary of the comments and the comments with OPZ responses from the Preliminary Draft as well as a list of edits that were made to the PAB draft based on public comment from the Preliminary Draft process.

Preliminary Draft Plan2040 Public Comment Summary and Comments with OPZ responses

Edits to Volume I and Volume II

PAB Meeting Materials

An interactive online open house website, Plan2040 Community Engagement@Home, was developed to present the draft Goals and the draft Planned Land Use Map for public comment. The website presented background information and drafts of the major elements of Plan2040 including the Vision, Themes, Goals, Policies, and Implementing Strategies, Development Policy Areas Map, Resource Sensitive Policy Areas Overlay Map, and the Planned Land Use Map. Users were able to provide comments through a set of surveys and interactive tools. Additionally, OPZ staff collaborated with Community Engagement and Constituent Services staff on three Town Halls to provide an orientation to the Plan2040@Home website; approximately 180 community leaders and members of the public attended the virtual sessions. The website received over 4,000 visitors.

A series of 17 Visioning Meetings were held in communities throughout the County, with citizen input activities that will help shape the Vision for Plan2040. Each meeting was structured similarly, starting with three Open House-style input activities, followed by an Open Comment Session. An online survey matched the Open House input activities, allowing those who could not attend in person to offer their input. 

A summary of input from each Visioning Meeting, as well as a recording of the Open Comment portion of each meeting, is posted below. A summary of the online survey input will be prepared and linked below shortly after all online surveys have closed. 

Small AreaSurveysRecordings / Feedback Summaries
The Jessup surveys are now closed.
BWI / LinthicumThe BWI/Linthicum surveys are now closed.
SevernThe Severn surveys are now closed.
Brooklyn ParkThe Brooklyn Park surveys are now closed.
CrownsvilleThe Crownsville surveys are now closed.
OdentonThe Odenton surveys are now closed.
Glen BurnieThe Glen Burnie surveys are now closed.
Maryland City / RussettThe Maryland City/Russett surveys are now closed.
Pasadena / Marley NeckThe Pasadena/Marley Neck surveys are now closed.
Lake ShoreThe Lake Shore surveys are now closed.
BroadneckThe Broadneck surveys are now closed.
Severna ParkThe Severna Park surveys are now closed.
CroftonThe Crofton surveys are now closed.
South CountyThe South County surveys are now closed.
Edgewater / MayoThe Edgewater/Mayo surveys are now closed.
Annapolis NeckThe Annapolis Neck surveys are now closed.
Deale / Shady SideThe Deale / Shady Side surveys are now closed.

A one-day Smart Growth Workshop was led by representatives from the non-profit organization Smart Growth America (a national nonprofit organization that provides technical assistance, advocacy, and thought leadership to realize a vision of livable places, healthy people, and shared prosperity in our communities) to provide educational sessions and kick-off the reconstitution of the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC). With over 160 members of the public and the new CAC members in attendance, the workshop provided an overview of best practices in planning (including Smart Growth principles) and the impacts of changing demographics and trends in the knowledge economy. The workshop also provided an opportunity to collect critical feedback from stakeholder attendees. Click here for a summary of the workshop and the input received from participants as well as videos of some of the workshop presentations (videos here and here).

The eight Listening Sessions were the kickoff to Plan 2040, the update of the County’s General Development Plan. Each was formatted to provide various ways for everyone to share their thoughts on what is important to the future of Anne Arundel County.

The full summary of Public Engagement Feedback from the kickoff phase of Plan 2040 is available here: Kickoff Public Engagement Summary. View a video from the Broadneck High School Listening Session by visiting here. A summary of each Listening Session, the online survey, and a youth survey, is available below.

Listening Session and Online Survey Summaries

North County High SchoolListening Session 1 Results/Comments
Broadneck High SchoolListening Session 2 Results/Comments
Old Mill High SchoolListening Session 3 Results/Comments
Arundel High SchoolListening Session 4 Results/Comments
Annapolis High SchoolListening Session 5 Results/Comments
Northeast High SchoolListening Session 6 Results/Comments
Southern High SchoolListening Session 7 Results/Comments
Brooklyn Park Middle SchoolListening Session 8 Results/Comments
Online SurveyOnline Survey Results/Comments
Youth SurveyYouth Survey Results

Listening Session Agenda

Introduction to Plan 2040

The Office of Planning and Zoning (OPZ) Officer introduced the evening’s format and provided an overview of what the General Development Plan is, why it is important, and what is next for Plan 2040. 

Listening Session Powerpoint Presentation

Values and Topics Surveys

This was a two-part activity to gather input from the public to help guide the development of Plan 2040. While Plan 2040 will address all of the planning topics that are critical to comprehensive planning and coordinated implementation, the Values and Topics Surveys gave citizens a voice in determining the issues that are most important to shaping the Vision for Anne Arundel County’s future.

The Values Survey invited individuals to write down and share their thoughts on the following questions:

  • What do you like about Anne Arundel County?
  • What needs to be improved?
  • What should the future of the County look like?

The Demographic survey helped OPZ staff gauge whether certain stakeholder groups are not being reached through the public engagement process that has been outlined.

The Topics Survey asked individuals to select what they felt are the most important topics for the County. Listening Session participants used colored dots to indicate their top choices of various topics as shown below:

Plan2040 Values and Topics Surveys
Plan2040 Values and Topics Surveys
Plan2040 Values and Topics Surveys
Plan2040 Values and Topics Surveys

The Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) provided input to the Office of Planning and Zoning in the development of Plan2040 and consisted of 23 members, comprised of citizens from each of the current Small Planning Areas, as well as representatives from the residential and commercial development sectors, the environmental community, and a student representative. Below is a list of the CAC members and materials from the meetings.

At Large:
Elizabeth RosborgChair
Melanie Hartwig-DavisEnvironmental Community Representative
Bill DoddRepresentative from MBIA (residential developers)
Thomas FahsRepresentative from NAIOP (commercial developers)
Ellen MoyerCity of Annapolis
Sofia Wahlla (resigned)Student Representative
Small Area Representatives:
Kristin PaulyAnnapolis Neck
Pat LynchBroadneck
Caren KarabaniBrooklyn Park
Charlie MannionBWI / Linthicum
Patricia HueckerCrofton
Billy MouldenCrownsville
Cate BowerDeale / Shady Side
Anthony BrentEdgewater / Mayo
William ShorterGlen Burnie
Gary MaulerJessup
Elizabeth Ysla LeightRussett / Maryland City
Allan Straughan (resigned)Lake Shore
Matt KorbelakOdenton
John ClarkPasadena / Marley Neck
LaToya Staten (resigned)Severn
Amy LeahySeverna Park
Joel GreenwellSouth County

September 23, 2020      
CAC Agenda September 23, 2020      
CAC Meeting Notes September 23, 2020      
Recording from September 23, 2020      

July 29, 2020      
CAC Agenda July 29, 2020      
CAC Meeting Notes July 29, 2020      
Recording from July 29, 2020      

July 15, 2020      
CAC Agenda July 15, 2020      
CAC Meeting Notes July 15, 2020      
Recording from July 15, 2020      

June 17, 2020      
CAC Agenda June 17, 2020      
CAC Meeting Notes June 17, 2020      
Recording from June 17, 2020      

June 3, 2020      
CAC Agenda June 3, 2020      
CAC Meeting Notes June 3, 2020      
Recording from June 3, 2020      

May 21, 2020      
CAC Agenda May 21, 2020      
CAC Meeting Notes May 21, 2020      
Recording from May 21, 2020      

May 6, 2020 - canceled      
April 15, 2020 - canceled      
April 1, 2020 - canceled      
March 18, 2020 - canceled      

March 4, 2020      
CAC Agenda March 4, 2020      
CAC Meeting Notes March 4, 2020      
Recording from March 4, 2020 (*note: video inadvertently cut out after 50 minutes)      

February 19, 2020      
CAC Agenda February 19, 2020      
CAC Meeting Notes February 19, 2020      
Recording from February 19, 2020       

February 5, 2020      
CAC Agenda February 5, 2020      
CAC Meeting Notes February 5, 2020      
Recording from February 5, 2020       

January 15, 2020      
CAC Agenda January 15, 2020      
CAC Meeting Notes January 15, 2020      
Recording from January 15, 2020 

December 18, 2019 
CAC Agenda December 18, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes December 18, 2019 
Recording from December 18, 2019  

December 4, 2019 
CAC Agenda December 4, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes December 4, 2019 
Recording from December 4, 2019 (*note: no audio after 61 minutes

November 20, 2019 
CAC Agenda November 20, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes November 20, 2019 
Recording from November 20, 2019  

November 6, 2019 
CAC Agenda November 6, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes November 6, 2019 
Recording from November 6, 2019  

October 30, 2019 
CAC Agenda October 30, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes October 30, 2019 
Recording from October 30, 2019  

October 16, 2019 
CAC Agenda October 16, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes October 16, 2019 
Recording from October 16, 2019  

October 2, 2019 
CAC Agenda October 2, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes October 2, 2019 
CAC Community Reports 
Recording from October 2, 2019 (*note: no audio for first 84 minutes)  

September 18, 2019 
CAC Agenda September 18, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes September 18, 2019 
Peninsula Coalition Presentation and Principles 
Recording from September 18, 2019 

September 4, 2019 
CAC Agenda September 4, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes September 4, 2019 
Recording from September 4, 2019 

August 21, 2019 
CAC Agenda August 21, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes August 21, 2019 
Recording from August 21, 2019 

August 7, 2019 
CAC Agenda August 7, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes August 7, 2019 
Recording from August 7, 2019 

July 31, 2019 
CAC Agenda July 31, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes July 31, 2019 
Recording from July 31, 2019 

July 17, 2019 
CAC Agenda July 17, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes July 17, 2019 
Recording from July 17, 2019 

June 19, 2019 
CAC Agenda June 19, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes June 19, 2019 
Recording from June 19, 2019 

June 5, 2019 
CAC Agenda June 5, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes June 5, 2019 
Recording from June 5, 2019 

May 15, 2019 
CAC Agenda May 15, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes May 15, 2019 
Recording from May 15, 2019 (*note: no audio for first 52 minutes

May 1, 2019 
CAC Agenda May 1, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes May 1, 2019 
Recording from May 1, 2019 

April 17, 2019 
CAC Agenda April 17, 2019 
CAC Meeting Notes April 17, 2019 
Recording from April 17 CAC Meeting 

April 13, 2019 
CAC Kickoff Agenda April 13, 2019 
Recording from April 13 CAC Kickoff: Smart Growth America 
Recording from April 13 CAC Kickoff: County Executive Pittman 

January 16, 2019 
CAC Agenda January 16, 2019