Friendly Firefighter Visits & Station Tours

Citizens of all ages are invited to schedule a Friendly Firefighter Visit or Station Tour at any of our 31 fire stations.

Fire Station Tours

Station Tours

If you are a daycare or business, please contact the station nearest you to schedule either your friendly firefighter visit or station tour. Please note stations do not host birthday parties or send engines to private birthday celebrations. You are welcome to schedule the birthday group for a station tour.

Large groups should contact the station and schedule a time. If you want to bring your child or immediate family to view a truck/station, there is no need to schedule anything formally. Please just go to the station of your choice. 

PLEASE NOTE: The stations remain in service to handle emergencies in their area. If you have scheduled a date/time, they may have call and be unable to make the event or be available at the station. If possible, they may come a little late, but if they are unavailable entirely, please call to reschedule.

October is Fire Prevention Month and the station's calendars can fill up very quickly, so please schedule early.

Please remember these important facts when visiting:

  • Include an adequate number of adult chaperones
  • Visits may be abruptly ended or postponed if personnel must respond to an emergency
  • Park your vehicle so that it does not block the response of a fire engine or ambulance
  • Visitors are permitted only when our Firefighters or Paramedics are at the station

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