Fire Safety Speakers

Educational programs offered to best educate our citizens.

Educational Programs Offered

The Public Education office is a source of accurate and consistent fire safety and injury prevention information to the communities we serve. To reach these communities we develop, present, and review educational programs to best educate our citizens.

Older adults are twice as likely to suffer injuries or lose their lives in fires or falls than the population-at-large. To reach these at-risk citizens in our community we have developed several programs and successfully delivered them to senior centers, housing units and civic groups throughout the county.
Available Programs:

Smoke Alarm Outreach for Seniors
"All-Ways Fire Safe"
Fire Safety for Older Adults

Do you know a child who displays an interest in fire or fire setting? This program includes parent and child interviews, education, and referral for help as necessary. It is presented in two sessions lasting a total of five hours. The program networks with Juvenile Justice, the board of Education, the County Fire Marshal, the Department of Social Services and concerned parents.

Planning for emergencies is key to having an efficient evacuation of any building. This office can provide general guidelines to businesses, churches, nursing facilities and large residential buildings to plan safe and orderly evacuations. The Fire Department does not monitor or perform fire drills but can provide accurate and valuable information and literature. For large residential building the fire department recognizes the importance of a well prepared resident during an emergency. A presentation titled "The Residents Role, In evacuating large residential buildings" can be presented to residents. The presentation includes a multi-media presentation and literature.

The Fire Department can provide assistance to any citizen that can not afford to purchase a smoke alarm or needs help installing one. If you have questions about smoke alarms or need assistance call (410) 222-8303 for help. Smoke alarms can be provided for free and will be installed by Fire Department personnel. When available, State and Federal grants are used to provide visual smoke alarms for the hearing impaired.

Each year the Anne Arundel County and Annapolis City Fire Departments hold a Fire Expo open to the public. Usually held in September, this community relations event is designed to promote fire safety and showcase the resources of your local fire stations.

This classroom presentation teaches citizens and employees to be aware of and familiar with fire extinguishers as part of a building’s fire safety system. The program does not include hands-on training but does include a multi-media presentation with literature.                                              

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