Liquor License Fire Inspection

In some cases, a fire inspection may be required for the approval of a liquor license. The Fire Marshal Division conducts these inspections on an as needed basis.

Man at bar

As part of the license application for certain beverage sales with the Board of License Commissioners for Anne Arundel County, the Fire Marshal Division will be sent a copy of the notice of application, to approve your request. This may involve a fire safety inspection of your facility by Fire Marshal Division personnel. 

How To

If needed, an inspector from the Fire Marshal Division will contact you to schedule an inspection.

Inspections will be conducted in accordance with the requirements for your occupancy type found in the NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, 2018 edition. The Fire and Life Safety Features Checklist, while not all-inclusive, may be of assistance in preparing for an inspection. In addition, assembly occupancies (which includes those occupancies used for the gathering of 50 or more persons for entertainment, eating, drinking or similar uses), must have the occupant load posted within the building in a conspicuous location near the main exit from the room or space. The certificate for posting occupant load is issued by the Fire Marshal Division. If your assembly occupancy does not have a capacity certificate, personnel from the Fire Marshal Division may need to determine your maximum permitted occupant capacity.