Food Truck Inspections

The operation of mobile food vending platforms shall be conducted in a fashion that is safe for the Public and the operators.

Food Truck

The Fire Marshal Division conducts inspections of Mobile Food Vehicles (Food Trucks). Inspections are conducted in accordance with requirements of the Maryland State and Anne Arundel County Fire Prevention Codes.

NFPA 1 – National Fire Protection Association: Fire Code
NFPA 54- National Fire Protection Association: National Fuel Gas Code
NFPA 58 - National Fire Protection Association: LP Gas Code
NFPA 70- National Fire Protection Association: The National Electric Code
NFPA 96 – National Fire Protection Association: Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations
NFPA 1192 – National Fire Protection Association: Standard on Recreational Vehicles
OSHA 49CFR 180.205
Maryland State Fire Prevention Code
Anne Arundel County Fire Prevention Code


All mobile food vending platforms shall be inspected and approved by the Anne Arundel County Fire Marshal’s Office.


Mobile Food Vehicle Platform – Any trailer, enclosed trailer, or enclosed truck that uses propane or any other heat source to prepare food, a good or service

Mobile Food Vehicle Inspection Form (View in Spanish) - A helpful List for the applicant to review outlining the Inspection requirements

  • The AA County Health Department is the licensing entity for Anne Arundel County.
  • The Health Department forwards all MFV operators to schedule with the Fire Marshal’s Office.
  • All mobile food vending platforms are required to be inspected by the Anne Arundel County Fire Marshal’s Office before they operate.
  • There is no annual requirement for re-inspection, but any fire marshal can perform a “Spot check” if a MFV is seen in operation or a citizen complaint is received.
  • Any appliance that produces smoke or grease laden vapor shall be protected by a fixed suppression system.
  • Ovens or solid fuel burners that allow effluent to escape shall be properly vented.
  • “Mobile Food Vehicles” Stickers are issued to the MFV and displayed in an obvious location. The inspection stickers do not expire but are updated if there are any changes to the vehicle configuration or appliances.
  • Failure to comply with the Fire Code is considered a civil fire code infraction and may result in the issuance of a civil citation and the levy of fines as set by AA County code.


  • Health Department Inspection scheduled or completed
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Current Vehicle Registration
  • Current Vehicle Insurance


  • Initial inspection and a single re-inspection are at no charge.
  • If additional re-inspections are necessary, a re-inspection fee will be assessed.


  • The applicant must review the “MFV Inspector Form” or pre-inspection checklist to ensure vehicle compliance.
  • The inspection is scheduled by appointment only via an email to
  • An inspection time and place will be established, usually the Fire Marshal office parking lot; 

             2660 Riva Road, Annapolis MD, 21401
             The Fire Inspector will complete the inspection using the “MFV Inspection form” 
             Re-inspections are conducted as needed

  • Spot checks will be conducted by Fire Officials throughout the County and at venues & special events.

             Should a vendor be found to have an absent inspection sticker: An Inspection shall be conducted

  • Upon a completed inspection with no violations, a new inspection sticker shall be issued.
  • Should a vendor refuse inspection, or fail the inspection (i.e. - unable to abate the violation), the vendor may not operate pursuant to the County Fire Code