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Floodplain Clean-Ups


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Organizing a Volunteer Floodplain Clean-Up Event:

Help improve Anne Arundel County's waterways and combat litter by organizing and/or volunteering for a floodplain/stream cleanup! Once you've reported a trashy site using the above Google Form, email our Bureau's Education & Outreach Coordinator to inquire about planning a volunteer clean-up event. 

How can the Bureau of Watershed Protection & Restoration help with planning?

  • Supplying select materials/tools as needed: upon request and with advance notice, our office has a limited supply of gloves, trash bags, trash grabbers, and high-visibility vests reserved for volunteer clean-up events.

  • Obtaining permission to work on County property: upon request and with advance notice, our office can coordinate with other County offices to obtain permission for organizing a clean-up on County-owned property. 

  • Trash Bag Pick-Up: upon request and with advance notice, our office can coordinate with the Bureau of Highways Road Operations Division to coordinate the pick-up of trash bags after a clean-up event.

  • Temporary Dumpster Delivery/Pick-Up: upon request and with advance notice, our office can coordinate with the Bureau of Highways and Bureau of Waste Management to have a dumpster temporarily placed onsite for a volunteer clean-up event. 

***Stream Clean-Up Safety Considerations***

Event organizers should be aware of the following safety reminders:

  • All participants must have completed an associated waiver and photo release prior to starting work.
  • Have a first aid kit on-hand and have a written procedure for what to do (and who to call) if someone gets hurt. Review this procedure with participants ahead of time. 
  • Where appropriate, temporary signage should be posted explaining that there are volunteers onsite. 
  • Be considerate not to wander onto private property and review property boundaries before starting work.
  • Be considerate of potential hazardous materials, including jagged metal, broken glass, needles, and hazardous liquids and prioritize safety at all times.
  • If needles are a potential hazard, ensure that a sharps container is readily available and advise participants on the disposal procedure. 
  • Report any suspicious items to the local non-emergency Police line.
  • Encourage a thorough at-home tick check after the event is over.
  • Be aware that some lands may be open to hunting or trapping. For more information about local hunting seasons/regulations, visit this DNR webpage

Event participants should each complete a Volunteer Waiver & Photo Release and be equipped with the following safety-related items:

  1. waterproof, durable closed-toed shoes; ideally knee-high rubber boots or hip waders;
  2. waterproof, durable gloves;
  3. high-visibility vests; 
  4. durable trash bags; 
  5. access to trash grabbers as needed; 
  6. access to insect repellent and first aid supplies as needed; and  
  7. access to a hazardous waste/sharps container as needed;
  8. access to water and snacks as needed.

Report a Trashy Floodplain for Future Volunteer Clean-Ups:

Use this Google Form to Report a Trashy Floodplain in Anne Arundel County. When reporting a site, it is important to include as much information as possible. If you happen to see a site that you might report, try to take note of who owns the property, what kind of trash is present, and what the site conditions are like. It is important to have this information when someone is trying to organize a cleanup site, so they can best prepare the volunteers to have a safe and productive event. Please also include any pictures that you may have of the site.

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