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Region Plans


Region Plans offer community members an opportunity to develop a shared vision for their future. With the adoption of Plan2040, the County’s most current General Development Plan, the County Council has directed the Office of Planning and Zoning to work with communities to prepare plans for each of the County's nine regions (see link below). The Region Plans will build on the work of the previous Small Area Plans as well as Plan2040. 

The Region Plans will include an evaluation of community assets and needs, a shared vision for the next 20 years, and specific recommendations about land use, zoning, environmental protection, transportation improvements, public facilities, and community design. 

Web-based Map of Regions 

To see which Region you live, work, or play in, please see this web map.

Order of Region Plans

Plans for three Regions will be developed at a time in the following order as adopted by the County Council

Target Start Date
May 2021
2, 4 and 7
December 2022
1, 3 and 9
April 2024
5, 6 and 8

Stakeholder Advisory Committees

Stakeholder Advisory Committees will be established to work collaboratively with County staff to prepare the Region Plans. The application period has now closed. The committees will be appointed by the County Executive and approved through a resolution by the County Council (~October 2021) and will include 9 to 15 members who represent the diverse interests of each Region.