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Mail Delivery Delays

Postal Service delays may have resulted in late fee assessments on quarterly utility bills.   The Department of Public Works and the Office of Finance is aware of the issue and will waive late fees for payments mailed in and postmarked prior to the due date deadline.  If you received a late fee and believe it is in error, please call 410-222-1144 or email [email protected].  

To review your most current utility bill and ensure accurate billing, please visit the County’s online Utility Billing portal.

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Tax Sale Redemption

The tax sale is held on a date in June as determined by the Controller. On this date the County will sell its 1st lien on the property to a tax sale purchaser. To remove this lien or “redeem the property” the owner or other person with a legal interest in the property may pay all outstanding fees and charges at any time until the right of redemption has been finally barred by decree of the circuit court in which the foreclosure proceeding is filed.

To redeem the property a person must pay the County:

  1. The total tax sale price of the property plus interest at 1.5% per month or 18% per annum;
  2. Any necessary taxes, interest and penalties accruing after the date of the tax sale.
To obtain the balance due for redemption please contact the Tax Sale Department at (410) 222-1735.


There are several important dates to consider in the tax sale process:

  1. You may redeem the property during the same month of June in which the tax sale is held without paying the next Fiscal Year taxes.
  2. Effective July 1, the new Fiscal Year begins and new Fiscal Year taxes must be paid in order to redeem.
  3. After four months from the date of the tax sale, the lien purchaser is entitled to be reimbursed for fees paid for recording the certificate of sale, a title search fee not exceeding $250, and for reasonable attorney’s fees not exceeding $500, unless an action to foreclose the right of redemption has been filed.
  4. After 6 months from the date of the sale, a tax sale lien purchaser may file a complaint to foreclose all rights of redemption on the property, provided that all notice requirements under §14-833 of the Tax-Property Article of the Annotated of Maryland have been met. It is very important to note upon filing this complaint, the lien purchaser may be reimbursed for reasonable attorney’s fees that exceed the $500 cap listed in “3” above, in accordance with §14-833 (a)(4) of the Tax-Property Article of the Annotated of Maryland.


Tax sale redemptions can be processed via mail by sending your payment in full to:

Anne Arundel County, Office of Finance, Attn: Tax Sale, PO Box 427, Annapolis, Md. 21404-427 or in person at the Arundel Center , 44 Calvert Street, Annapolis, Md. 21404. The payment to the County must be by cash, certified check or money order. If you have any additional questions regarding tax sale please call 410-222-1735.