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Anne Arundel County Office of Finance works to return unclaimed money to the rightful owners.

The Finance Office tries to locate the rightful owners of various tax refunds as well as uncashed vendor, payroll and pension checks which are considered unclaimed/abandoned after one year. These funds are kept in our unclaimed property account for a total of three years. After the three year period, the funds are transferred to the State of Maryland Unclaimed Property Unit. The owners of their legitimate heirs can claim the funds at any time for FREE.

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If you've found the name your looking for, please print the Claim Form

Complete the form and be sure to indicate the check number that appears next to the name. 
Submit all the required information to the Finance Office at the following address: 

Anne Arundel County Government 
Accounting & Control 
P.O. Box 2700 
Annapolis, MD 21404 
Attention: Unclaimed Property Clerk, MS-1300 

If you have any questions regarding an unclaimed property claim, please see our frequently asked questions.  
Should you still have questions regarding a claim, you may contact our unclaimed property clerk. 

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