Crownsville Advisory Committee

The Crownsville Advisory Committee Committee shall act as an advisory body and be responsible for advising the County Executive and County Departments on the planning process, including community involvement, for Crownsville Hospital Memorial Park; making recommendations for uses of the Crownsville Hospital Memorial Park, taking into account the cultural history of the site, the health and wellness of County residents, the need of residents for recreation and parks, and necessary infrastructure to support those uses; and collect and compile public input on public need and prospective uses of the Crownsville Hospital Memorial Park.

  • Chris Trumbauer, Chair, Anne Arundel County Budget Officer 

  • Councilwoman Lisa Rodvien, District 6 

  • State Senator Dawn Gile, District 33

  • Delegate Heather Bagnall, District 33C 

  • Delegate Stuart Schmidt, District 33B 

  • Larry Walker, Executive Director of the Governor's Office of Community Initiatives

  • Asha Smith, Director of Anne Arundel County’s Office of Equity and Human Rights 

  • Jacqueline Boone Allsup, President of the Anne Arundel County NAACP Branch 

  • Dr. Pamela Brown, Executive Director of Anne Arundel County’s Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families 

  • Isabella Firth, Maryland Commission on Civil Rights 

  • Scott Hymes, President of Crownsville Conservancy

  • Joyce Rosencranz, Director, Generals Highway Council of Civic Associations

  • Allison Taylor, Director of Government Relations at Kaiser Permanente

  • Christine Anderson, Chief Administrative Officer (ex-officio)

Crownsville Advisory Committee 2023 Annual Report