Pet Adoption & Fostering

Thinking about taking home a pet, either a permanently adopted one or a temporary foster? Every year thousands of your neighbors are choosing to adopt or foster from our shelter. Visit us and see why. Wonderful pets of so many types, breeds and ages are available – just waiting for your loving home.

Adopting a Pet

Our adoption process is not difficult, and often an animal can leave our shelter with you the same day that you apply to adopt. Whether you’re looking for a cat, dog, rabbit, bird or other companion animal, we can help you find the perfect pet and discover just how rewarding adopting can be.

Things to consider: 
  • What kind of pet is most compatible with your lifestyle, home and family situation? 
  • Familiarize yourself with the Animal Care & Control laws that pertain to the pet of your choice
  • Animal Care & Control requires that potential adopters provide proof that their currently owned dogs, cats and/or ferrets have up-to-date rabies vaccinations and that their dogs and cats have county animal licenses (which can be obtained at our shelter).
  • If you are a renter, your landlord’s approval is needed.
  • Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control is a partner with Pets for Patriots, a nonprofit organization that provides veterans and active duty military members with a range of benefits to reduce the lifetime cost of owning an adult dog or cat from our shelter.

Animals at Our Shelter

Take a look at the pets here on our website and note which interest you. (Pets come and go constantly, so some may no longer be available and additional others may have just arrived.) Potential adopters should visit the shelter, ideally with a completed pre-screen, as soon as possible after seeing a pet they are interested in. Most of our pets are available on a "first potential adopter approved, first eligible to adopt" basis.

Pet Adoption Hours 
Tuesday10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Wednesday10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Thursday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Friday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Sunday and Monday Closed

What you'll need to bring:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of current address (if not the same as address on your driver’s license), such as a bill sent to you at your newer address.
  • Proof of current rabies vaccinations for all dogs, cats and/or ferrets over 4 months of age living at your residence
  • If you live in Anne Arundel County, all cats and dogs at your residence must have current county animal licenses (these can be issued while you are at our shelter).
  • If you already have a dog or dogs at home, do NOT bring them to the shelter when you first come to meet available dogs. Once you have selected a dog you would like to adopt, you can schedule a "meet-and-greet" between that dog and your current dog(s) at our shelter. (In some cases, these dog introductions are mandatory before a dog can be adopted). Only specific staff team members can oversee these meetings, so an appointment must be made
If you own your home, please also bring:

Either a mortgage payment stub or a copy of your home's property information from the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation (

If you rent a home or apartment, please also bring:

Either your rental/lease agreement showing any pet restrictions and/or your landlord's phone number. If your landlord requires a pet deposit, you must provide proof that this has been paid BEFORE completing an adoption

Adoption Fees Include:

(Payable by cash, check or credit card)

  • Spay/Neuter Surgery
  • Distemper and Rabies Vaccinations
  • A microchip
  • Worming
  • License (if applicable)
Fee $17 includes 1 year license if applicable
Fee $20 includes 3 year license if applicable  


Fee $14 includes 1 year license if applicable  
Fee $17 includes 3 year license if applicable 


All Other Pets  
No adoption fees (but please research the housing, food and social needs of any animal before adopting).

Animal Care & Control offers an optional $40 test for dogs that tests if the dog has heartworms and/or any of three tick-borne diseases. It also offers an optional $40 test for cats that tests for both Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV). Please tell a member of our front desk team if you are interested in having your new pet tested. Information pamphlets are available under "Adoption Forms and Helpful Information" (below) and at the shelter to help you decide if you wish to proceeding with testing.
For adopted dogs or cats who still need to be spayed/neutered before going home: The test will be done at the time of surgery. If the test is positive, you will be phoned before you come to pick up the pet dog. If you decide not to take the animal after learning that the test was positive, you may get a refund OR apply the money to the testing of a different pet.
For pets who are already spayed/neutered and otherwise are ready to go home, you may:
  • Wait while the test is being done (usually about 15 - 30 minutes) or 
  • Leave the pet at Animal Care & Control until the test has been performed or
  • Take the pet home and make an appointment to bring him/her back for testing in a few days. If the test is positive, Animal Care & Control will phone you. If you decide NOT to keep the pet after learning that the test was positive, you can get a refund OR apply the money to the testing of another pet.
If you decide to keep a dog that tested positive for heartworm, Animal Care & Control will provide treatment while you provide care in accordance with treatment protocols. Animal Care & Control recommends you seek guidance from your regular veterinarian for guidance on treatment for any tick borne diseases.
The $40 test fee may be paid by cash, check or credit card. 

Foster Program

Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control is looking to expand its current foster program. Fosters are Anne Arundel County residents who take shelter pets temporarily into their homes, usually because the animals are underage, have medical needs and/or are not thriving in a shelter environment. Foster homes also increase the shelter's capacity to care for more animals at times when the shelter itself is very full.

Fostering is an excellent way to enjoy life with a pet without the long-term commitment of adopting. Once approved as a foster, you will be notified when certain pets are available to be fostered, but you are never "required" to foster. Our foster coordinator will work with you if any questions or issues arise, and we at a minimum will provide veterinary care for the pet while it is with you.

How to Apply

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent for Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control, please complete the Foster Application and email it to or send it to 411 Maxwell Frye Rd. Millersville MD 21108  
Please contact (410) 222-3892 or email if you have questions about the foster program.