Safe Surrender Program

Welcome to the Safe Surrender portion of the Sheriff’s Office website!

Safe Surrender is a process for you to safely learn of an outstanding warrant online, and turn yourself in to the Sheriff to avoid the embarrassment of a deputy coming to your home, family member’s home, or your place of employment. Once you arrange for a meeting place, and the warrant is verified, a deputy will meet and escort you through the process to get your warrant served as quickly and easily as possible.

Safe Surrender also encourages more engaged communication between community members and law enforcement, thus making the processes of seeking wanted persons and serving warrants, safer for all involved. The Central Holding & Processing Center at the Jennifer Road detention facility allows for warrant service, processing and initial appearance before a Court Commissioner at one location.

Safe Surrender allows you to control when your warrant is served, which can save you time and money, and avoid stressful interactions with law enforcement officers. Prior to participating in the Safe Surrender Program, you should make arrangements for any of these potential issues:

Safe Surrender Online Instructions

Please utilize the warrant database link to search by the listed categories. If you see your name listed, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 410-222-1570 to speak to a deputy. Navigating the process to have your warrant served is easy:

  • When you speak to a deputy, you will arrange to meet them, at your convenience, at one of the pre-designated locations
  • Your warrant status will be verified by the deputy
  • The deputy will arrange your quick transfer to the Central Holding & Processing Center where you will be processed and have your initial appearance before a court commissioner

Safe Surrender Locations     

District Court Buildings

Police District Stations

Ordnance Road Correctional Center

Anne Arundel County Central Holding & Processing Center

Warrant Recall

(The following is not legal advice. Seek proper legal counsel regarding court processes)

If you believe your warrant was issued in error, or you have a legitimate reason why you missed a court date which resulted in a warrant, there are options to have your warrant recalled by the courts.

The document is called a “motion” and, if granted, could allow for you to go before a judge to explain your case to have your warrant recalled. When filling out the motion you should include that you are requesting the warrant(s) be recalled and state the reasoning for the request. 

The links below will direct you to the page containing the appropriate motion document to file, with either the district or circuit court. The document must be filed in the court where the warrant originated. For instance, if you have a warrant for Failure to Appear for traffic court, you must file the motion request in the District Court. 

If you have questions about filing a motion for warrant recall you can contact the following offices:

District Court Annapolis – 410-260-1370     
District Court Glen Burnie – 410-260-1800     
Circuit Court Clerk’s Office – 410-222-1397

Office of the Public Defender:     
Main – 410-295-8800 (Main)     
Annapolis District Court – 410-260-1325   
Glen Burnie District Court – 410-412-7103 

Warrant Tip

Do you know someone with a warrant? You can check in the warrant database.