Warrants and Civil Process

The Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office serves all types of civil process, and warrants apprehension.

Do you know someone with a warrant? You can check in the warrant database.

Submit a Warrant Tip

The purpose of this is to enhance the overall safety and security of Anne Arundel County. Your information will make Anne Arundel County a safe and better place. All tips are kept confidential and you may remain anonymous.

There are several ways you can submit a warrant tip:
Option 1. Warrant Tip Line 410-LOOKOUT (410-566-5688)
Option 2. Submit a Warrant Tip Online
Option 3. Submit a Warrant Tip ONLINE through the online warrant database

The Sheriff’s Office plays a major role in the public safety of Anne Arundel County. The Sheriff's Office is the primary clearinghouse for court orders of arrest in Anne Arundel County. These documents include arrest warrants, bench warrants, body attachments, fugitive warrants, governor’s warrants, grand jury indictments, and juvenile detention orders.   

The Sheriff’s Office operates a specialized unit dedicated to serving warrants. Thousands of warrants are served each year. The Sheriff’s Office also regularly coordinates its efforts with allied police agencies including the Anne Arundel County Police Department, the Annapolis Police Department, and the Maryland State Police to name just a few. 

How to help
If you have information on or know the whereabouts of a wanted person, call our Warrant Tip Line at 410-LOOKOUT (410-566-5688)! 
Your information will make Anne Arundel County a safer place and the Best Place!

The Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office serves all types of civil process. Each year the Sheriff’s Office serves approximately 60,000 summonses, subpoena, wage garnishments, show cause orders, papers in divorce proceedings, and various other types of court related documents.

How to

Any party requesting the Sheriff’s Office to attempt service of their legal process shall send two copies of the document, along with any supportive documentation, as well as the last known address of the person to be served to: 
Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office
8 Church Circle,
Annapolis, MD 21401


The Sheriff’s Office charges $60 service fee per document per person to be served from within Maryland, and $60 for each document sent from out-of-state. Questions regarding the service of process may be directed to 410-222-1189 during normal business hours.

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Active Warrants

This online warrant database is provided for informational purposes and is updated on a weekly basis.