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You can use the Anne Arudnel County Department of Aging and Disabilities' Taxi Voucher Program to help you run your errands, visit a polling place or ballot drop off box, pick up your groceries, or go shopping. 

Anne Arundel County Department of Aging and Disabilities Taxi Voucher Program offers discounted taxi vouchers to support taxi fares with participating cab companies.  To qualify, individuals must be an Anne Arundel County resident, 55 years of age or older or 18 years of age or older with a disability.  Each book costs $5.00 and is worth a value of $10.00.  Limitations may apply. 

For details regarding the program, call (410) 222-4CAB or (410) 222-4222 


How to Apply?

To apply, you may visit us at one of our 2 locations listed below or mail your order form and other documents to 2666 Riva Rd, Suite 400, Annapolis, MD 21401. 

When applying, please be sure to have:

  • A completed taxi voucher application
  • A copy of your Maryland State driver’s license or Maryland State Issued I.D from Department of Motor Vehicles with an address that resides in Anne Arundel County (AACO).  (If license or ID is not within AACO, a change of address card is also needed.)
  • For persons age 18 or older with a disability, you must include a copy of your SSI or SSDI most award letter or Disability Verification Form.
  • A complete taxi voucher coupon order form and a check or money order.


Once eligibility is established, reorders only need to include coupon order form and check or money order.  Each approved resident is entitled to purchase up to 15 books per month.  (1 book cost $5.00 and is worth a value of $10.00).


  •  taxi voucher coupon books cost = $15.00
  •  taxi voucher coupon books cost = $30.00

Participating cab companies are listed in the front cover and inside back cover of the taxi voucher coupon books. PLEASE REFER TO WEBSITE FOR MOST UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION AS CAB COMPANIES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Vouchers may not be used to tip the drivers.  Taxi Voucher Coupon books are non-transferable/non-refundable.

For more information, contact the Anne Aundel County Department of Aging and Disabilities Taxi Voucher Program at 410-222-4222 / TTY users call via 7-1-1.

Participating Companies

Associated Cab Company Inc. (410) 766-1234
The Independent Taxi (443) 885-0156
Reliable (410) 268-4714,  (410) 268-4715
Annapolis Bay Area (410) 267-0068, (410) 267-7004
Annapolis Yellow Cab Company (410) 268-1212, (410) 268-2626
Diamond Cab (410) 400-6000