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COVID-19: Information, Resources, and Cancellations
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Due to COVID-19, pool rentals are not currently being offered. Please check back for updates.

Rental Guidelines

  • Walk-in reservation and phone-in reservation are accepted.  Anne Arundel County residents are required to show proper ID to obtain the resident fee. 
  • Parties may be canceled due to inclement weather or circumstances beyond our control. Please call our office with concerns of thunderstorms or snowstorms in regards to your reservation. Swimmers are not allowed in the water or pool area when lightning is in the area.
  • As the sponsoring person, you are responsible for the behavior and actions of your guests. All aquatic facility rules and regulations must be followed. Adults are required to chaperone the swimmers must be available to be in the water at the same time as the swimmers. 
Contact the customer service desk at (410) 222-0090 ext. 4


Full payment (cash or major credit card) and a signed contract are due within 10 days of reserving a date. All payments and contracts not received by the due date will be removed from the schedule.

Wet Room Rental 

Days County Resident Fees  Out-of-County Resident Fees
Monday - Thursday  $225.00 (County Resident) $300.00 (Out-of-County Resident)
Friday, Saturday and Sunday $250.00 (County Resident) $400.00 (Out-of-County Resident)

Dry Room Rental 

Days County Resident Fees  Out-of-County Resident Fees
Saturday and Sunday $170.00 (County Resident) $300.00 (Out-of-County Resident)

Rental Information

Wet Room Rental (Package #1 Large Room)

  • Parties will be reserved for 2-hour time slots.
  • Up to 30 swimmers (includes required chaperones).
  • Payment is due within 10 days of reserving the date.
  • Due to the popularity of party rental space, only single party slots can be reserved.
  • Back to back party time slots are not available.
  •  All guests must leave at the end of their two-hour time session for preparation of the next party. If guest are not cleared out within the two-hour session, the rental fee will be doubled.

The wet room rental includes 6 tables and 30 chairs. The cost includes up to 30 people. This includes swimmers and non-swimmers and the required 1 adult for every 5 children age 12 and under. The two hours includes party time, setup, and cleanup of the party room, swim time.

Dry Room Rental (Package #2 Small Room)

  • Parties will be reserved for first hour in the room and second hour swimming.
  • Maximum of 15 children with the 3 required adult chaperones.
  • All participants must be in dry clothing to be in the room and must vacate the room at the end of the first hour for preparation of the next party.
  • Adults must be ready to enter pool with swimmers.
  • Back to back party time slots are not available.
  • Belongings can be secured in lockers located in the locker rooms. This room does not have direct access to the pool. This room has limited availability and is not rented while facility classes are being taught.
Contact the customer service desk at (410) 222-0090 ext. 4


7888 Crain Highway South
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
(410) 222-0090


North Arundel Aquatic Center
(410) 222-0090