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Participants are encouraged to check with their physicians before starting any water aerobics class. Students with physical limitations should discuss appropriate adaptations with their instructor. Click on the Water Fitness Calendar to see the schedule of classes.

Water Fitness Calendar

Water Fitness

Check the fitness intensity level.

Aqua Yoga (Level 1) Held in Leisure Pool (85°): Low-impact beginner in-water yoga with rhythmic breathing to increase static balance, strength, and increase flexibility.

Aquacise (Level 1) Held in Leisure Pool (85°): Low intensity exercise program conducted in warm water to improve flexibility, mobility, range of motion, and boost stamina.

Aqua Tone (Level 2) Held in Leisure Pool (85°): Low to medium intensity class designed to use water resistance to increase endurance, flexibility, and tone muscles. This class is
beneficial for beginners and those returning to exercise after a long period of inactivity.

Aqua Fit (Level 3) Held in Lap Pool (82°): Medium to high intensity shallow water exercises using water and equipment for resistance to increase cardiovascular endurance and tone muscles.
Aqua Blast (Level 4) Held in Lap Pool (82°): A fun challenging, medium to high-intensity water workout. This class includes explosive cardiovascular conditioning, upper and lower body toning with use of equipment finishing with a cool down.

Aqua Zumba Held in Lap Pool (82°): A fun blend of low-impact water resistance with high energy dance moves.


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(410) 222-0090