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It is the policy of the AACDF to provide the greatest degree of religious opportunity and freedom consistent with the security needs of the institutions. Regular Catholic, Protestant, an Islamic services are held each week in conjunction with Bible Study groups.


Religious headwear is permitted providing it is verified as authentic and thorized by the Chaplain. Headwear fabricated from clothing or jail issue items is prohibited and will be considered contraband. Religious diets may be requested by submitting a request slip to the Chaplain. Religious medallions must be no larger than approximately the size of a quarter and the chain must be thin; i.e., not heavy-duty. Roped or nugget-type chains are not authorized.
Chaplains provide offenders with ecclesiastical counseling and non-denominational services. The chaplains are part-time staff members of the department. They assist both staff and offenders with crisis intervention and assist during personal and family trials. Chaplains are a resource for religious knowledge to staff, offenders and volunteers. They provide additional assistance by establishing ongoing relationships with community religious leaders; have direct contact with offenders through consultations, programs and services; evaluate needs of offenders and decide the best sources available to meet those needs; answer questions regarding religious programs (services, symbols, reading material); and are a source for mediation (emergencies, deaths, fights, injuries) for staff and inmates


131 Jennifer Road
Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 222-7374
600 East Ordnance Road
Glen Burnie, MD 21060
(410) 222-4900