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The Department of Detention Facilities does not require that inmates provide a mailing list, nor is there any limit on the number of letters that may be sent. The following are important requirements for sending and receiving mail.

How to

Mail Sent to Inmates must be clearly addressed and mailed to one of the following addresses: 
Jennifer Road Detention Center                            
Attn: [Inmate’s Name and ID number]                 
131 Jennifer Road                                                   
Annapolis, MD 21401                                             


Ordnance Road Correctional Center 
Attn: [Inmate’s Name and ID  number] 
600 E. Ordnance Road 
Glen Burnie, MD 21060 

Mail will only be accepted from recognized postal carriers, and must have a return address or it will be returned to the post office. 

All incoming mail will be opened and inspected for contraband. Examples of contraband include: postage stamps, photographs depicting pornography, plastic, metal, adhesives, or any material determined to pose a security risk, cash, clothing, reading material, etc.

Beginning May 30, 2014, the following mail practices will be enforced:

All incoming mail must be sent to the facility in white, legal or letter sized envelopes. Incoming legal mail will be exempt from the white envelope rule; however, the Officer who searches the legal mail in front of the inmate must retain the envelope and dispose of it. Any mail which does not fall within the guidelines will be returned to sender. Mail will be returned to sender for reasons to include, but not limited to, those noted below:

  1. No inmate name
  2. Stickers of any kind (including return address labels)
  3. Rubber inked stamps
  4. Tape
  5. Colored pencil(s), markers, glitter, crayons, paint, watercolors, or wax; on any part of the envelope or in the body of the correspondence
  6. Paperclips or staples
  7. Correction tape/fluid
  8. Greeting cards
  9. Colored envelopes (except legal mail)
  10. Padded envelopes
  11. Any non-paper items
  12. Plastics, or anything laminated or made of cardboard
  13. Anything gang-related (photos, colors, writing symbols, or hand gestures)
  14. Homemade cards or poster cards
  15. Blank paper, blank cards, or stamps
  16. Magazines or newspapers (unless sent direct from the publisher or Internet book distributor)
  17. Items having suspicious stains or markings
  18. Instant camera photos (i.e., Polaroids)
  19. Food or cosmetic items
  20. Photos larger than 4” x 6”
  21. Pictures or drawings of nude, obscene or sexually explicit material
  22. Musical or recordable cards
  23. Foreign unidentified substances
  24. Correspondence in code
  25. Magazine or newspaper clippings
  26. Identification cards or facsimiles
  27. Lottery tickets or prepaid phone cards
  28. Mail that violates a no-contact order or other court order
  29. Cash, personal checks,  or second party checks
  30. Books or pages from books
  31. Sports statistics for gambling
  32. Paper folded in the form of origami
Mail will be returned to sender in its entirety if the envelope is lager than 8 1/2 x 11, exceeds 10 pages, or contains photocopies of pages from books/magazines. 
Books, except for law books, and/or packages will not be accepted unless prior approval is granted by the Captain or Assistant Facility Administrator-Security. If approved, the sender must address the package to the approved authority for inspection. Law books may be received only through the U.S. Mail and direct from the publisher or internet book distributor. If a book package is opened, and the books are not law books, the books will be put in the excess and disallowed property. 
When being mailed directly from a commercial publisher, bookstore, bookclub, distributor, or department store, accompanied by an invoice that matches the contents) 
No more than 3 photographs will be accepted 
Legal Mail 
Inmates have uncensored and unlimited mailing privileges to the Governor, Attorney General, County Executive, County Attorney, any court of law, and their personal Attorney. 


600 East Ordnance Road
Glen Burnie, MD 21060
(410) 222-4900
131 Jennifer Road
Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 222-7374