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Supporting fulfillment of the Department’s mission, with respect to programs and offender re-entry, is a variety of services offered in partnership with other organizations, agencies and volunteers.  


  • Young Fathers Support Network (YFSN) 
    Offered by the Anne Arundel County Department of Social Services, YFSN provides supportive coaching and counseling to fathers and expectant fathers aged 40 years and younger geared toward promoting emotional and economic involvement in the lives of their children. 
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters Amachi Program
    Amachi targets children of incarcerated parents, seeking to match them with volunteer mentors who serve as role models and provide assistance in handling the unique challenges and stigma they face.  Amachi is a partnership between the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization and the faith community. 
  • People Acquiring Skills for Success (PASS)
    Offered by the Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation, PASS provides career counseling, job readiness, and life skills training to enhance inmates’ employability and job stability. 
  • Anger Management Workshops
    Offered by the Anne Arundel County Conflict Resolution Center, Anger Management helps inmates identify their anger triggers and gives them tools to manage them. 
  • Parole & Probation Interface

    The State Division of Parole & Probation offers bi-monthly informational sessions for inmates soon to be released aimed at setting them up for success on probation.  Additionally, to facilitate a seamless transition from incarceration to probation, inmates with probation obligations meet one-on-one with an Agent to review the release plan established in the DDF case management process and to receive reporting instructions. 


    Mission and Vision of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services: Parole and Probation


    The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services protects the public, its employees, and detainees and offenders under its supervision.

    The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services will be nationally recognized as a department that believes its own employees are its greatest strength, and values the development of their talents, skills, and leadership.

    We will be known for dealing with tough issues like gang violence, by capitalizing on the strength of interagency collaboration.

    We will be nationally known as the department that takes responsibility for the greatest of problems, and moves quickly and quietly to bring about successful change.

    The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services will be known as one of the national leaders in the development and use of technology through system interoperability.

    Others will look to this department for its effective leadership and evidence based practices.

    We will be known for our belief in the value of the human being, and the way we protect those individuals, whether they are members of the public, our own employees, those we are obligated to keep safe and in custody, or victims of crime.

    The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services will be known as an organization that focuses on its mission and takes care of its people.
  • Volunteer Programs
    500 citizens volunteer at JRDC and ORCC provide an estimated 6,700 hours of service annually.  Volunteers provide religious services; self-help group counseling such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Chemically Dependent Anonymous (CDA), literacy training and mentoring programs.


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