Adult Baseball

Adult baseball is held in spring.

Adult baseball participants interested in joining a league, should register with Chesapeake Men's Senior Baseball League. Participants must be the age of 22 by December 31st in the current year to be eligible for participation in the adult baseball league. There are no guarantees of being placed on a team roster and no guaranteed amount of individual playing time. Regular season games are normally played on Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks' fields and Anne Arundel County Public High School fields. Visit the Chesapeake Men's Senior Baseball League FAQs page for additional league information.

Team registration information is for teams only. Individuals looking for a team should contact Chesapeake Men's Senior Baseball League.

Adult Baseball League Registration
Sports Supervisor:Greg McDivitt (410) 222-6652
Team Registration:For league and team registration and information please contact Alex Brunet at
Team Registration Fee:TBA
Season Start Date:TBA
Umpire Fees:Fee TBA - Paid on the field by teams prior to the start of each game.

No schedules at this time.