Downs Park - Project

See below for details of planning, design, and construction projects at Downs Park.

Project Description

Recreation and Parks has initiated a project at Downs Park to survey, inspect, and evaluate the conditions of the existing unprotected portions of the Park's shoreline. The effort will review and repair the areas damaged by the October 2021 Nor'easter storm, and relocate and expand the dog beach. The project will plan, design, permit, and construct repairs and improvements as required to further protect the shoreline from erosion and the impacts of climate change and to enhance both the access to and use of the dog beach and surrounding area.

Project Consultants

BayLand Consultants and Designers, Inc.

Project Status

In Design

Project Updates

Recreation and Parks will hold a Public Meeting on October 10, 2023 from 6-7:30 p.m. at Bodkin Elementary School, 8320 Ventor Road in Lake Shore to present the Preliminary Design and receive input from the community.

  2023-10-10  - Public Meeting

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