Stormwater Management Program

Anne Arundel County Stormwater Management Regulations were adopted by the County Council and became effective November 22, 2010. Maryland Department of the Environment approved the County's SWM program in September 2011.


The Stormwater Management Act of 2007 requires that “a comprehensive process for approving grading and sediment control plans and stormwater management plans” be established that takes into account the cumulative impacts of both and mandates the concept of ESD to the MEP. ESD to the MEP is short for Environmental Site Design to the Maximum Extent Practicable, which is a more environmentally sensitive way to manage storm water runoff. 
In May 2009, the Maryland Department of the Environment developed the technology and code changes necessary to implement ESD to the MEP statewide. As of May 2010, all new development projects throughout the State must manage storm water runoff by implementing ESD to the MEP.

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