Expedited Review Program

The Expedited Review Program allows owners and applicants to select County-approved Certified Reviews, at their own expense, to conduct plan review in lieu of County staff, in an effort to expedite the review process.


Certified Reviewers may be retained to review all engineered plans, including water and sewer, road, storm drain and stormwater management plans. All Expedited Reviews will be conducted to determine compliance with County Code and State law provisions applicable to subdivision and site development applications, and no application may be recommended for approval by a Certified Reviewer until full compliance with County and State requirements is verified. 
The results of an Expedited Review will be verified by the County on an expedited basis and approved by County staff in accordance with the time frames established by § 17-2-111(e) of the County Code and in the Expedited Review Program Manual. The Expedited Review Program is administered by the Director of the Department of Inspections and Permits and is authorized by County Bill 23-16.

The Planning and Zoning Officer (the “PZO”) and the Office of Planning and Zoning (the “OPZ”) retain the authority to administer and interpret the provisions of Article 17 of the County Code. Both the Office of Planning and Zoning and the Department of Inspections and Permits have the authority by ordinance to adopt regulations, forms and compliance checklists to implement the Expedited Review Program.

Apply to Become a Certified Reviewer

Certified Reviewer Application

Procedure to Engage Certified Reviewer (CR)

An Applicant who chooses to retain the services of a CR to supplement the County’s Plan Review staff shall comply with the following requirements: 

1. Inspections and Permits maintains a rotation list of all approved Certified Reviewers, organized chronologically by date of approval. Applicants who would like to utilize the Expedited Review Program should contact Hala Flores at ipflor22@aacounty.org or 410-222-7577 to obtain a list of available Certified Reviewers.

I & P shall select three names from the approved list, on a rotation basis, and forward to the applicant who may select any of the three as their CR.

2. No later than three days after engaging a CR, the applicant shall submit:
The County cannot recommend, negotiate fees or make any other arrangements between the Applicant and the CR.

Expedited Review - Contact Information

Hala Flores