Food Council

The Food Council shall be responsible for addressing inequity in the food system, creating an inclusive mechanism to launch and coordinate food policies and programs, reducing food insecurity in the County, and improving equitable access to nutritious food in the County, with a focus on supporting the local food economy and food infrastructure of low access areas.

The Anne Arundel Food Council was established by County Executive Steuart Pittman with Executive Order #60. 

Executive Order #60

The Anne Arundel Food Council will act as an advisory body and will focus on several areas: 

  • Advise the County Executive, Departments and Agencies on on methods to improve equitable access to healthy and culturally appropriate food to all County residents, specifically those in under-resourced areas and healthy food priority areas.
  • Draft a comprehensive County-wide plan. 
  • Monitor and make recommendations for existing and proposed policies in County government as it pertains to food access.
  • Compile and assess data related to food access in the County.
  • Evaluate the administration of County food and nutrition programs annually and suggest revisions to the County-wide strategy.
  • Explore new means for the County to improve the local food economy, and the availability, sustainability, accessibility, and quality of food and our environment, including the preservation of agricultural land.

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