Disability Retirement Pension Review Board for the Employees' Retirement Plan

The Disability Retirement Pension Review Board for the Employees’ Retirement Plan (“Board”) is created by § 5-1-107 of the Anne Arundel County Code.

About the Board

The Board consists of five members. Of the five members, two shall be active participants of the Employees’ Retirement Plan; one shall be an attorney from the County Office of Law; one shall be an employee from the Office of Personnel; and one shall be a physician licensed to practice in Maryland. The County Executive appoints the members to two-year terms and selects a Chair from among the members.

On application of an Employees’ Retirement Plan participant, the Board shall review and evaluate the initial denial of a disability retirement pension claim by the Personnel Officer. The conclusions and recommendations of the Board shall be transmitted to the Personnel Officer and are advisory only. Following receipt of the Board's advisory recommendation, the Personnel Officer shall make a final decision.

Group of Diverse People

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