About Detention Facilities

Christopher Klein

Christopher Klein, Superintendent

Michael Borgese, Correctional Facility Administrator 

Assistant Correctional Facility Administrator, Security- Jasper Ingle 

Assistant Correctional Facility Administrator, Inmate Services- Shannon Carter 

Central Holding and Processing: Early Ahmay, Captain 

Jennifer Road Detention Center: Brian Vance, Captain


The Jennifer Road Detention Center (JRDC) is the County's maximum security intake and pretrial detention facility. Its population consists primarily of persons arrested and awaiting trial in Anne Arundel County who do not make their bail and who require special housing for medical, mental health or behavioral reasons. The Jennifer Road Detention Center has a total rated capacity of 635.

Christopher Klein, Superintendent

John Kelson, Correctional Facility Administrator 

Thomas Laue, Assistant Correctional Facility Administrator 

John Davis III, Captain


The Ordnance Road Correctional Center (ORCC) is the County's medium security facility for men and women who have been convicted and sentenced to terms up to 18 months. It also holds men and women who are awaiting trial. Ordnance Road Correctional Center offers extensive programming designed to prepare inmates for successful re-entry to the community after they have completed their sentence. The total rated capacity of the Ordnance Road Correctional Center is 540.

On September 29, 2014, the Ordnance Road Correctional Center hosted state, local health and public safety officials through a tour of its facility to learn more about the Anne Arundel County Department of Health's and the Anne Arundel County Department of Detention Facilities' collaborative Road to Recovery Program.

Road to Recovery provides methadone maintenance treatment to inmates who become incarcerated while on a methadone treatment program in the community. The program also initiates eligible inmates on methadone treatment. Inmates receive daily medication, assessment and counseling and, upon release, are connected to the Department of Health's Adult Addiction Clinic or to another community treatment program.