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South River Farm Park

Beverly Triton Nature Park Shoreline Project Update

Thank you for attending the recent public meeting on the shoreline project. For those who were not able to attend the presentation is available for viewing under the "Park Presentations" section on the right panel. There was a public comment period on the shoreline project and those are posted under the Public Comments tab.


Mayo Peninsula Parks: Beverly Triton Nature Park - Park Development Update

Add to your summer highlights the resolution of a concept for Beverly Triton Nature Park. Alternative 1 was the favored concept of the four provided at the public meeting held on April 18, 2019. This is according to public comments, planning staff, and the Administration. The revised concept shown here illustrates most of the facilities and the changes. The changes include moving the drop-off parking closer to the beach by 15 feet to provide additional comfort for people with disabilities and limited mobility and cartop boat users with heavy equipment (an electric transformer limits moving any closer); addition of dollies and storage box to house them for use by cartop boaters to aide in the transport of heavy equipment; rinse-off station at the edge of the drop-off, reduction in amount of paving at drop-off parking nearest the beach (approximately 20'x20'); reduction of staff parking (approximately 10'x18') and layout shift for staff parking at proposed park maintenance shed, and shifting of shelter near the beach to reduce conflicts with cartop boat launchers.
The restroom building will not include showers, and the proposed spigot at the shelter near the beach is no longer needed since there is now a rinsing station.
The County's consultant Human and Rohde is pursuing 60% design on this final concept. There will be a public meeting for 60% design, and then prior to construction (a.k.a. pre-construction) in accordance with the policy for Department of Recreation and Parks' capital improvement projects. This website will post future meeting dates for the 60% design meeting and later pre-construction meeting. We are anticipating the 60% design meeting in November.
To clarify the other park elements, which have not changed and remain part of the park development program, the 60% designs will include the children's play space in the woods with boardwalk/overlook and associated trail, pier at Deep Pond, beach matting as trail near Deep Pond, parking for 96 visitors, traffic turn around, natural and accessible trails, a small shelter near the beach, a large shelter, a restroom/ranger office building, maintenance shed, staff parking, entry gate, and gate house. The management of water due to new impervious will be managed at a higher level than required by regulation, and additional measures will be taken during construction to protect against sediment leaving the site. Finally, staff will finalize a natural resources management plan to govern the management of sensitive flora and fauna within the park.
Beverly Triton Nature Park Revised Layout
The Department of Recreation and Parks (DRP) continues to participate in the broader County traffic study of the Mayo peninsula which is underway. You may direct questions to Dawn Thomas [email protected] or (410) 222-2867.


Beverly Triton Nature Park

1202 Triton Beach Road, Edgewater, MD 21037

Following a request during the public meeting on February 7, 2019 we are posting sheets from the current design set regarding the development of Beverly Triton Nature Park. These segments provide additional details and understanding of the critical area management plans, forest conservation plans, bathhouse plan, and landscape plan. 

Beverly Triton Beach Park

Beverly Triton Beach Park
Beverly Triton Nature Park Master Plan (Scale: 1" = 200') DATE 12/2017


Mayo Beach Park

4150 Honeysuckle Drive, Edgewater, MD 21037

Mayo Beach Park

Mayo Beach Park

Mayo Beach Park Master Plan (Scale: 1" = 100')


South River Farm Park

3553 Loch Haven Drive, Edgewater, MD 210376

South River Farm Park

South River Farm Park

South River Park Master Plan (Scale: 1" = 200')


Mayo WRF (Water Reclamation Facility) - Future Park

551 Central Ave. East, Mayo, MD 21106

Mayo WRF (Water Reclamation Facility, future park)



Glebe Heights Park - Future Park

560 Loch Haven Drive, Mayo, MD 21106

Glebe Heights Park

Glebe Heights Park Master Plan (Scale: 1" = 100')