County Executive Pittman Announces First Interagency Environmental Subcabinet

Newly-launched subcabinet convenes staff from County departments to collaborate on local environmental initiatives

Annapolis, MD (April. 22, 2024) - County Executive Steuart Pittman announced the creation of the county’s first environmental subcabinet, bringing together staff from across Anne Arundel County government to collaborate on various local environmentally focused initiatives.

"I am thrilled to announce the creation of the Environmental Subcabinet," said County Executive Pittman. “This group will ensure that progress continues on each of our environmental initiatives and that every relevant agency is doing its part.” 

The group is facilitated by Anne Arundel County's Senior Environmental Policy Advisor, Erik Michelsen, and will meet on a bi-monthly basis. During the first meeting, staff from the Departments of Central Services, Public Works, Inspections & Permits, Recreation and Parks, the Office of Planning and Zoning, and Emergency Management, met with the Executive Director of the Resilience Authority of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, Matt Fleming, to discuss issues such as tree planting, invasive control, and preservation efforts across the County. 

“Anne Arundel County is doing tremendous work to protect and enhance the environment locally and manage the challenges associated with increasingly intense weather events,” said Michelsen. “Regular communication between County agencies is critical to ensuring that this work moves forward efficiently and smoothly, and to identifying opportunities to collaborate and coordinate early in the process.”

The group will also work closely with the Resilience Authority on climate resilience projects like sea level rise adaptation planning, flood mitigation, refining stormwater standards for new development, improving energy efficiency, and expanding renewable energy efforts locally.