Bill No. 86-23

AN ORDINANCE concerning: Subdivision and Development – Zoning – Development Requirements for Particular Types of Development – Redevelopment (As Amended)

Introduced by Mr. Smith, Chair (by request of the County Executive)

FOR the purpose of adding development requirements for redevelopment; establishing the applicability of new development requirements for redevelopment under certain circumstances to specified policy areas; defining certain terms; setting forth requirements for a concept plan, an application, community meetings, and notice of community meetings for redevelopment; providing that certain applications for development may proceed to final plan or site development plan; providing for certain modifications and exemptions from modifications for redevelopment under certain circumstances; specifying open space, landscape, and natural features requirements for redevelopment; requiring redevelopment in the critical area to comply with applicable law; establishing requirements for redevelopment to pass adequate public facilities testing; reducing certain fees for redevelopment; modifying conditional use requirements for multifamily dwellings in redevelopment; and generally relating to subdivision and development, and zoning.