Bill No. 21-24

AN ORDINANCE concerning: General Provisions – Equity and Human Rights – Boards, Commissions, and Similar Bodies – Human Relations Commission

Introduced by Ms. Pickard, Chair (by request of the County Executive)

FOR the purpose of providing a method of enforcing an administrative subpoena; defining certain terms relating to equity and human rights and the Human Relations Commission; stating the public policy and purpose for anti-discrimination provisions; providing for preemption of certain discrimination complaints; providing for enforcement of violations of anti-discrimination provisions; adding protections against discrimination in public accommodations and employment; revising certain requirements for membership on the Human Relations Commission; modifying the  powers and duties of the Human Relations Officer; modifying the powers and duties of the Human Relations Commission to include complaints regarding discrimination in employment and public accommodations; and requiring an annual report by the Human Relations Commission; modifying the time for filing of a complaint alleging discrimination; providing for the process and time for filing of an answer to a complaint of discrimination; modifying the process for initial review of a complaint of discrimination; establishing a process for investigation, referral, and hearings on complaints for discrimination; requiring the rules of procedure of the Human Relations Commission to be posted its website; providing for civil fines for violations of anti-discrimination provisions; providing for enforcement of orders issued by the Human Relations Commission; and generally relating to general provisions and boards, commissions, and similar bodies.