Animal Matters Commission

The Animal Matters Commission consists of seven members. Members include a representative from the Police Department, the Health Department, a Veterinarian and four (4) citizen members.

The seven-member Animal Matters Commission hears appeals of citations issued based on Affidavits of Complaint, suspension/denial or revocation of licenses and Administrative Orders by the Agency. Members include representatives from the Police Department, Health Department, a veterinarian and citizens.  

Within 30 days after receiving a request for a hearing the commission will convene to hear the matter. The commission submits written findings and recommendations to the Chief of Police or his designee. It can levy, modify or revoke fines and issue recommendations on Administrative orders.

The Animal Care & Control Administrator designates the Executive Secretary of the Commission who maintains records of all Commission hearings.

All hearings before the Commission are open to the public and meet on the first monday of each month virtually. The hearings Agenda's are posted in advance. If special accommodations are needed individuals should contact Animal Care & Control and request to speak with the person overseeing the Animal Matters Commission hearings.

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