Animals at Our Shelter

We take in new animals in need of loving homes every day. The pictures below show most of the animals now at our shelter -- but not all. Some lost animals, for example, quickly get reclaimed by their owners and their photos never even make it onto our website, which is wonderful! If you don’t see the pet you are looking for here, please visit our shelter to meet your perfect match.

Please note: Some of the pets on these pages may still be on a stray hold, may be under behavioral or medical observation, may be pending reunion with their owners or may have an existing pending adoption application.

If you lost your pet, please look at animals listed below. If you see your lost pet, please visit our reclaim page for information on hours, fees, and what you'll need to bring with you to have the animal released to you.  If you have questions about reclaiming your pet, please call (410) 222-3919 during our administrative hours or email Ages and breeds are based on the evaluation of kennel technicians. We strongly recommend that you come to the shelter to look for your missing pet rather than relying solely on the information on this page.


Our temporary guests are looking for a forever home. Check out our tours to view animals available at our shelter.

The gallery slideshows linked below are displayed daily at the Animal Care & Control facility and contain information about all the available dogs and some of the available cats either at our shelter or in shelter foster homes.

This dog gallery includes all potentially available dogs at our shelter, including ones now adoptable (green or orange backgrounds), ones available only to our rescue partners (yellow backgrounds) and ones who may become available if not reclaimed by an owner (gray background). Adoption applications are accepted on ALL these dogs. During our shelter's open hours our dog viewing gallery closes at 2 p.m. and on Wednesdays it reopens from 3 pm - 6 pm.

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This cat gallery includes cats who are not in our main cat room, either because they are in foster homes, in shelter offices or in rooms not accessible to the public, such as the cat sick room. The cats who can be met in our main cat room are not included here, but they are all shown in the “cats available for adoption” portion of this page. Our cat gallery closes at 2:30 p.m. on Saturdays. All other days its hours are the same as our administrative hours.

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These slides are updated regularly but may not reflect very recent changes in a pet's status.

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Lived with dogs
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If an animal's picture is marked "sponsored" this means his/her regular adoption fees have been paid for already therefore s/he is available to approved adopters for free. Individuals interested in sponsoring a particular animal can inquire about this process here at the shelter. 
In Foster
If an animal's picture is marked "in foster" this means s/he is not currently physically in the shelter.  If you are interested in this animal please contact the shelter to inquire about how to meet or adopt this pet.