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The course of action available to a  citizen that has observed a violation of an animal-related law under Article 12 that allows the Agency to issue a citation based on the notarized Affidavit of Complaint Form. 

Filing a Complaint

If after review of the Affidavit of Complaint Animal Care & Control determines that there is probable cause to support that a violation has occurred Animal Care & Control may issue a citation for each violation. Upon service of a citation the defendant has 10 days to pay a civil fine or request a hearing before the Animal Matters Commission. The defendant’s failure to elect either option will result in the citation being heard in the District Court. As the complainant, you will be summoned to any and all hearings. The complainant’s failure to appear will result in the citation being dismissed.

Affidavit of Complaint Form

Related Information

Appealing a Complaint Affidavit

If you have received an Animal Care & Control citation you have the following options:

  • Pay the fine amount noted on the citation
  • Submit a request to appeal the citation before the Animal Care & Control Commission within 10 days after receiving the citation
  • Pay the fine, if after the hearing the Animal Care & Control Commission does not dismiss the citation.

For more information visit the "Appealing a Animal Complaint Affidavit" service page


There is no fee to file a complaint.