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The Anne Arundel County Fire Department established a program for Non-County residents who participated in the EMS Transport Program who require assistance due to financial hardship. 

How to Request a Waiver

Review the Hardship Waiver Policy to determine your eligibility. 
Fill out the Hardship Waiver Application and mail to:
Anne Arundel County Fire Department
Attn: EMS Billing Manager
8501 Veterans Highway
Millersville, MD 21108

How to Request an Itemized Invoice

The itemized statement for an incident can be obtained from Sharecare (BACTES), for Transports/dates of service prior to 1 May 2021, please fax your request along with the authorization for the release of information to 1-614-987-2075. For Transports/dates on or after 1 May 2021,  please submit your request online with ChartSwap (Provider: Anne Arundel County, EMS) at
For questions about the invoice or patient account please call Digitech Customer Support Services at 888-669-0103  Mon-Fri (8:30AM-6PM EST) or email [email protected].