Water/Sewer Connections

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Utility and Impact Fees

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Petition for Public Water/Wastewater Service

To obtain public water and/or wastewater service, a majority (51%) of property owners in the community must petition for the requested service. The petition area is defined as the area from the existing service to the proposed final property to receive service.

How to Petition?

Contact DPW Financial Services at (410) 222-7517 for more information about the Petition Process.

Is service available in my neighborhood?

Access the Engineering Record Drawing and Monuments map

TAP Connection Permit

A TAP Permit is required for a single lot connection when a public works agreement has not been executed. Work must be completed by an Anne Arundel County AB Licensed utility contractor.

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Water/Sewer Connection Permit 

A water/Sewer Connection permit is required for the final connection of public utilities to a structure, this includes the installation of the water meter.

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Capital Connection Facility Charge (CCFC)

The CFCC is a charge per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) that reimburses the County for building the infrastructure necessary to provide water and sewer capacity.

Capital Connection Facility Charge Fact Sheet