Leak Adjustment Policy

Unusually high utility bills due to plumbing leaks on the property owner’s side of the utility meter are the sole responsibility of the owner, not Anne Arundel County. However, the Department of Public Works offers a “Leak Adjustment” as a benefit to our customers faced with the expense of costly plumbing repairs and the associated high utility bill.

Please note that any “Leak Adjustment” is primarily considered a courtesy and may not be approved more than once every five years. 

It is also important to understand a “Leak Adjustment” will reduce, but not eliminate, excess water consumption charges due to on-property leaks. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all property owners to adequately maintain their home’s plumbing infrastructure.

The completed form should be mailed or e-mailed to custserv@aacounty.org:

Anne Arundel County  
Customer Service  
P.O. Box 427  
Annapolis, Maryland 21404

Please contact a Customer Service Representative at (410) 222-1144 if you have any questions.