Bring Your Own Bag Plastic Reduction Act

Bring Your Own Bag Plastic Reduction Act Bill 19-23

In June 2023, the Anne Arundel County Council passed Bill No. 19-23 Bring Your Own Bag Plastic Reduction Act prohibiting the retail distribution of plastic bags in the county. 

Anne Arundel County retailers will no longer be able to provide plastic bags to customers for their purchases at checkout. Retailers can provide paper bags or reusable bags to customers at checkout for purchase.  

This law only applies to bags provided at checkout, and does not apply in the City of Annapolis.

This prohibition does not apply to food service facilities operated by a school, nor does it apply to plastic bags used to contain, package, or wrap:

  • Bakery goods or unwrapped prepared foods
  • Raw meat or seafood 
  • Bulk items, including fruits, nuts, grains
  • Other food items that can only be transported in a plastic bag (i.e. ice)
  • Fresh flowers, potted plants, or fresh herbs
  • Hanging garments or dry-cleaned clothes
  • Live fish, insects, mollusks, or crustaceans
  • Cigar or loose tobacco
  • Newspapers

Retailers must charge at least 10 cents per bag. This fee is kept by the retailer to cover the cost of the bags. Retailers may provide free reusable bags annually from April 22 - April 30 in recognition of Earth Day, and for any 10-day period during a given month established by the retailer. 


Restaurants may provide paper bags without charge.


Pharmacies may provide paper bags without charge for prescriptions.

There have been no violations issued at this time.

If you suspect a violation, please report it to the appropriate agency: