Marsh Grasses

Through this program, county residents with qualifying living shoreline or other tidal projects can receive appropriate Emergent Marsh Grasses for planting in marsh areas free of charge.

Apply for Emergent Grasses

The Emergent Grasses Program is a multi-departmental effort between the Department of Inspections and Permits and the Department of Recreation and Parks. For further information, call the Forestry Section, Department of Inspections and Permits at (410) 222-7441


County personnel will conduct a field visit to evaluate site conditions, which can occur prior to application submittal so that we can assist in the initial project planning. Contact the Forestry Office at (410) 222-7441 for plant descriptions, recommended spacing, and other information.

Types of Plants Available

The Emergent Marsh Grass program currently provides two types of grasses. 

  • Spartina alterniflora, or smooth cordgrass, is ideal for areas between normal low and high tides. 
  • Spartina patens, also called salt marsh hay, lives in the area above high tide. 

Types of plants are determined by position on the shore, with respect to tides and salinity.