About the Ethics Commission

The members of the Anne Arundel County Ethics Commission are volunteers. Three of the members are nominated by the county council and four are selected by the county executive, subject to the approval of the county council. . Each member serves a four-year term, and no more than four members may belong to the same political party. The Anne Arundel County Charter, Article X, Section 1001 establishes the qualifications for membership on the commission as follows:

  • A commission member must be a resident of Anne Arundel County
  • A commission member may not hold and may not be a candidate for an elected or appointed office of the federal, state, or local government or a political party
  • A commission member may not be an employee of the federal, state, or local government or a political party
  • A commission member may not be a lobbyist required to register under any federal, state, or local public ethics law
  • A commission member may not participate in the campaign of a candidate for elective office, or support or oppose a ballot question at any general or special election, except a question directly affecting the commission

Dale P. Kelberman
Ethics Commission Chairperson
Brian M. Conrad
Ethics Commission Member
Robert J. Mansfield
Ethics Commission Member
Donna L. Rober
Ethics Commission Member
Daniel J. Semick
Ethics Commission Member
Amy Thomas
Ethics Commission Member
Solon Webb
Ethics Commission Member

The Anne Arundel County Ethics Commission administers the Public Ethics Law. It is an independent agency, performing its duties and responsibilities without the oversight of the county government.

It is served by a staff of two employees, an executive director, who is a lawyer licensed to practice law in Maryland, and an assistant to the commission.

Legislative Policy
"The County Council, recognizing that our system of representative government is dependent in part on the people maintaining the highest trust in County officials and employees, finds and declares that the people have a right to be assured that the impartiality and independent judgment of County officials and employees will be maintained; and that this confidence and trust is eroded when the conduct of the County’s business is subject to improper influence or even the appearance of improper influence."      
- Public Ethics Law, Article 7, §1-102, Anne Arundel County Code.

Gina Scerbo who joined the staff as the commission secretary in August, 2007, has over 20 years of secretarial experience. Ms. Scerbo is a native of South County and resides in Dunkirk with her husband and two daughters.