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Residential Permits

Building permits ensure minimum standards to safeguard life, health, property and the public welfare by regulating the design, construction, quality of materials and use of buildings and structures; and to protect the environment.

For questions about a particular code, please refer to the applicable code or ordinance for more detailed and accurate information.

Are you starting a project and are unsure if a permit is required?  View a list of commonly requested projects and required permits. 

Do I need a permit? 

Are you starting a new project and wondering how much a permit will cost?  Visit a list of the permit types and the how fees are calculated to understand the cost. 

Permit Fees

There are two phases following the submittal of an application:

  • Plan Review: The County staff reviews the permit application and building plans to make sure it meets building codes. Plan review must be completed before a building permit is issued. 
  • Construction Inspection: This takes place after a building permit has been issued. A Building Inspector approves each part of the project, checking to see that the work is done safely and follows the approved plans and codes.

Residential Permit Types