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The Purchasing Division of Central Services is responsible for purchasing supplies, materials and equipment for all County Government department and agency operations.


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The Purchasing Division of Central Services is responsible for purchasing supplies, materials and equipment for all County Government department and agency operations. It is also responsible for procuring all contracts for construction and consultant services.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions - Operating
    How can I be notified of solicitations?
    The County currently does not have a notification system for solicitations. We encourage all vendors to register on eMD Marketplace for automatic email notifications or check the County website regularly for current solicitations.
    Are county contracts listed on the website?  
    Not at this time.
    How can I start doing business with the County?
    The County encourages potential vendors to monitor purchasing’s website for upcoming bidding opportunities. We also encourage you to contact any of the buyers listed on the purchasing website for additional information at Purchasing Office Staff
    Where do I submit my bid?
    Currently, all bids and proposal responses are mailed or hand delivered to Anne Arundel County Heritage Office Complex, 2660 Riva Rd, 3rd Flr, Annapolis, MD 21401. However, vendors must be certain to check the individual solicitation posted when responding to make sure they are complying with submission requirements.
    How can I obtain bid results?
    Bid results may be obtained by going to the County’s website at Bid Results or contacting Purchasing directly.
    Do I need to preregister to do business with the County? If so, how do I register?
    The County does not currently have an online registration system; however, companies who intend to respond to solicitations may complete the vendor/contractor information form on the Forms page
    What are the County’s bid thresholds?
    Up to and including $5,000 (single quote), $5,000.01 – $25,000 (three quotes), over $25,000 (formal bid).
    Are all bids opened publicly? If so, where can I attend?
    Yes, all Invitation for Bids are opened publicly. Unless otherwise noted in the solicitations, bid openings are held at the Heritage Office Complex, 2660 Riva Road, 3rd Floor, Annapolis, MD 21401.
    When will I be paid for my products/services?
    Provide a link to ACH/P-Card payment options. The County’s standard payment terms are NET 30 and are typically paid via electronic (ACH) payment. Vendors should register in order to receive timely payments. The County also allows for credit card payments for most of our County agreements. Please contact the Buyer listed in the solicitation for additional information on how to set up credit card payments.
    Can I submit my bid online?
    We currently do not accept bids online.
    Can I download a solicitation?
    Solicitations can be downloaded from the County's website at Current Solicitations.

    What is SDAT registration?
    All corporations doing business in the State of Maryland must register with the State of Maryland Department of Assessment & Taxation. The county will require verification of your registration prior to execution of any agreement or contract.
    Who do I contact for assistance?
    Refer to the Purchasing page on the County's website at Purchasing Office Staff. To select the appropriate buyer related to the category of the product or services you provide.
    How can I obtain addenda?  
    Addenda can be obtained by going to the County’s website at Current Solicitations. To obtain all associated documentations, click the specific solicitation number and all associated documents, including addendums, will be posted. Important Note: All bids and proposals must contain signed copies of all addenda in their response. Failure to include signed addenda may be cause for disqualification of a bid or proposal.
    How long does it take to award a contract resulting from an IFB or RFP?
    The time it takes to award an IFB and RFP depends on the complexity of the solicitation. The average IFB is awarded in approximately three months, and an RFP is usually awarded within eight months.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Capital Construction
    How do I sign up to be added to the Capital Improvement construction bidders’ list?

    Please fill out your information on this sign up form and send to the Purchasing office at PO Box 6675 Annapolis, MD. 21401 or email to [email protected] or fax to (410) 222-7624.

    How can I find the status of my Prequalification of Architects and Engineers 254 form?

    Contact the A&E Buyer, Kim Lee, or the A&E staff at (410) 222-7620.

    Where does the County auction off its surplus equipment and non-capital assets?
    The County currently uses as its primary auction site for surplus and non-capital assets. Sometimes, we also use as well.

    How can I find out about current bid opportunities in the County?

    How to find out about current bid opportunities in AACO

    How can I obtain bid results?

    Please view the bid results page
    How do I register as a bidder with the County?
    The County does not require a vendor to register in order to participate in solicitations. Please go to here for more information.

    Do I have to read the entire solicitation packet?
    Yes, read the document in its entirety as you will be required to comply with all terms and conditions contained in the solicitation if you are awarded a contract. Do not hesitate to contact the Buyer noted on the solicitation cover if you have any questions regarding the solicitation.