Charting Careers is working hard to combat the opportunity gap and prepare Anne Arundel County’s finest students for 21st century careers. They follow the social ecological model of health, emphasizing the importance of balance between individual, school, family, and community needs. They know that health is not one-dimensional. 

By working with a dedicated team of mentors, Charting Careers encourages students to set - and achieve - SMART goals. These goals may include raising grades at school, exploring a career interest, completing an internship, or anything else students wish to pursue. But they don’t stop there. Charting Careers also works with families to set SMART goals that may include accessing mental health services, advocating for additional support at school, attending financial workshops, and so much more. They are proud to have 100% of families who received case management achieve their own goals. Additionally, 100% of students achieved at least one goal.

As one student put it, the greatest part about Charting Careers is “my relationship with my mentor and all the awesome experiences and opportunities” available each year.