Risk Management Division

Risk Management Division of Central Services provides services to the County's insurance needs.

Anne Arundel County has insured, through the Anne Arundel County Self-Insurance Fund, its Workers’ Compensation, vehicle liability and damage, general, and professional liability exposure since 1977. The Risk Management Division provides claims administration and manages the Occupational Safety and Health Program for the County, the Board of Education, Library system, and Anne Arundel Community College.

The Risk Management Office is comprised of both safety and insurance personnel to include safety coordinators, adjusters, assistant adjusters, and office support individuals. The office handles approximately 2,000 claims each year split between four adjusters and supported by the assistant adjusters and office support staff. Commercial insurance is purchased for those exposures to loss that exceed the County’s intended threshold of risk retention to ensure the County’s assets are adequately protected. The Risk Management Division is responsible for procuring this needed commercial insurance coverage.

The Safety Coordinators provide training and compliance in Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Risk control measures are developed and implemented to reduce the County’s liability associated with risk. These control measures include worksite safety awareness, safety inspections, emergency response plans, OSHA Safety Training, CPR/AED training and trend analysis.