Carcass Removal

Anne Arundel County Animal Control provides removal of carcasses on County Roads Monday - Friday during normal business hours.

How to Report

Reports of carcasses needing removal must include specific information regarding the location and type of animal.  

You can submit a carcass removal request from your mobile device.

Get the Mobile App for iOS or Android devices: 

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Reports can be also be made at Animal Care & Control by calling (410) 222-3939.  

Removal typically occurs within 24 hours (except on weekends, holidays and inclement weather).  


State Roads

For carcass removal on State Roads please contact the State Highway Administration. 
  • For state roads in Northern Anne Arundel County contact (410) 766-3770.  
  • For state roads in Southern Anne Arundel County contact (410) 841-1009.  

Please Note:
The aforementioned services are not for the removal of owned deceased pets.  If a constituent does suffer the loss of a beloved pet, Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control can handle the disposal of the remains for the citizen if the deceased pet is brought to the facility during normal business hours.   There is a fee of $0.77 per pound for this service.  We are not able to cremate and return a pet.