Chicken & Duck License

Raising chickens can be fun and rewarding. Learn what steps you need to take to raise chickens and ducks in Anne Arundel County, MD.


On November 18th 2013, The Anne Arundel County Council passed Bill 79-13 regarding chickens and ducks in residential districts. The bill permits keeping or maintaining chickens and ducks on a lot of less than 40,000 square feet. Roosters are strictly prohibited on lots less than 40,000 square feet. A County resident keeping chickens or ducks on a lot less than 40,000 square feet for any length of time must obtain and maintain a license. Keeping of ducks and chickens on lots greater than 40,000 square feet does not require an Anne Arundel County License.

Chicken and Duck Information Packet


Steps for Obtaining a License

  1. Register your chickens using the “Maryland Poultry Registration Form”

    Maryland Poultry Registration Form

    Save a copy to include with your license application.

  2. Review requirements for and build a chicken coop and enclosed run.

    You must have an approved coop and run PRIOR to having any chickens. 

    • See “Animal Outdoors” of Anne Arundel County Code 12-4-801 to ensure all regulations are followed.
    • Note: Coops and enclosures for chickens and ducks on lots less than 40,000 square feet shall be located at least 25 feet from a side or rear lot line and 5 feet from any dwelling. For more information, please contact Zoning at (410) 222-7437.
    • See “Pets; livestock or fowl” of Anne Arundel County Code 18-4-104 to determine how many chickens or ducks you may have based on your lot's size.

    Build your coop and enclosed run according to requirements outlined. (see Anne Arundel County Code 18-4-104, 12-4-709, 12-4-710 and 12-4-801)

  3. Complete and sign the Chicken and Duck License Application

    Chicken & Duck License Application Form

    • In order to be considered for approval, thoroughly read the conditions and initial next to each. 
    • Don’t forget to print and sign your name with the date at the bottom of the application.
  4. Submit completed paperwork

    Submit the following:

    • Completed permit applications and paperwork 
    • Site plan 
    • Payment of $30.00 for the registration and inspection fee. Checks are made payable to the Anne Arundel County. 

    Applications accepted at:  
    Anne Arundel County Animal Control 
    411 Maxwell Frye Road  
    Millersville, MD 21108

  5. Schedule an inspection

    You must pass your inspection before you will be issued a license.  You must possess a chicken and duck license prior to bringing chickens or ducks to the premises.