Notice of Equivalent Dwelling Unit Credits for Redevelopment of Existing Site
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The Department of Public Works (DPW) may provide credit for Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDUs) for redevelopment of an existing site that is already connected to County utilities. DPW Financial Services (FS) will determine the appropriate EDU credit based on the following criteria, listed in order of priority:

a) the number of EDUs previously paid; or if not available, then 
b) peaked average daily flow of actual consumption. If readings are not recorded daily, bi-monthly or quarterly flow of max use shall be converted to average daily flow and peak daily usage; FS may use up to five (5) years of historical consumption data; or if not available, then 
c) a calculation of the EDUs that would be required for the existing use if it were developed at the time of the current proposal.

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Matt Diehl