Notice to Public of Parking Restrictions for Emergency Vehicle Access
Notice Date:

The Fire Department requires a minimum clear zone of 20’ on all roadways within new subdivisions in order to provide enough room for emergency vehicles to maneuver, deploy outriggers, and/or access storage compartments on both sides of the equipment.  As a result, the Fire Marshal’s Office may recommend, and the Office of Planning and Zoning may require that parking be prohibited on one or both sides of new development roadways.

Because NO PARKING signs cannot be installed until all work noted on the Traffic Engineering Site Readiness Checklist is complete, it is possible that buyers of new homes may not be aware of the pending parking restrictions at the time of purchase. In order to ensure that prospective buyers of homes/lots within new developments are aware of parking restrictions which will be implemented before the County accepts ownership of the new roadways, the Department of Public Works will install NOTICE signs detailing where parking restrictions will be installed at all entrances to new developments in accordance with the attached Policy and Procedure.

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