Orange Notice-Updated 21-04

Updated Policy-Communicating Road and Lane Closures

Annapolis, Maryland (April 2, 2024) – The Department of Public Works (DPW) updated Policy 21-04 Communicating Road and Lane Closures in March 2024 to focus purely on road closures, by removing the portions that previously outlined the process for interruptions to water and sewer or waste management services. The updated policy also streamlines the public notification process for Public Works Agreements by removing the Department of Inspection and Permitting from the process. These updates should have no impact on the public or private developers.

Please refer to Orange Notice DPW 21-04 on DPW’s website for specific information related to this policy. 

The Orange Notice website is an important resource for developers and provides information about DPW operating procedures and standards. All Orange Notices can be viewed at