Emergency Utility Work in Arnold-March 1, 2023

Two valves on a 20” diameter water main along Jones Station Road broke during scheduled work to repair a hydrant yesterday morning.  The ensuing emergency work to repair the valves required our crews to shut down water service in the afternoon for approximately 35 homes.  Unfortunately, the problem and repairs were found to be more extensive than originally thought and the interruption of water service was extended in time and scope.  During the evening, more than 100 homes were without water.  Several crews from multiple departments within the Department of Public Works Bureau of Utility Operations worked through the night in an effort to make the needed repairs and restore service as quickly and as safely as possible.  Water service was fully restored at approximately 6 a.m. on March 2. The Department of Public Works posted updates on social media as information became available from the field.  

Following Shutdown-Discolored Water 

Following a water main break or any needed service shutdown, residents may experience discolored water.  This is caused by sediment and mineral deposits in the pipes that can be stirred up when the water is turned off and then back on following work on our system.   

The Department of Public Works recommends that you run water from the lowest faucet in your home and then open COLD water faucets one at a time from the lowest floor to the highest.  Run all cold water taps for about five minutes or until water runs clear.  Flush each toilet two to three times.  When water clears, turn off the faucets in the same order, lowest to highest.  

Similarly, our crews are actively flushing hydrants in the area to help remove discolored water and aid with sediment removal within the pipes.  Additional crews have been added to flush in areas where we receive complaints.

If problems persist, call our 24-hour Utility Dispatch operators at 410-222-8400.