Anne Arundel County Addresses EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule Revisions

Water Service Inventory Program to meet requirements of updated federal drinking water regulations 

Annapolis, Maryland (February 5, 2024) – In response to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR), Anne Arundel County has launched its water service inventory program, Water SIP. The LCRR are federal regulations aimed at addressing elevated lead levels in drinking water through various measures, including creating a public database of water service line materials. Lead was prohibited in the construction of service lines in the County in 1936 and current records do not show any known lead service lines within the public water distribution system.

A service line delivers water from the County-owned water main in the street to individual properties, supplying water to taps, faucets and other water outlets.  A key objective of Water SIP is to submit the service line inventory to the Maryland Department of the Environment by the October 2024 deadline. There are approximately 6,000 service lines for which the County needs information to develop the inventory.  To achieve that goal, the County will request the public’s participation in an online survey to identify service lines that are listed as being made from an unknown material.

“Our objectives are clear—to assure customers of high-quality drinking water, provide easy access to important outreach materials, encourage voluntary participation in the self-reporting survey, and submit the required inventory on time,” said Department of Public Works Director Karen Henry.

To facilitate the Water SIP initiative, the County has developed an informative webpage, where customers can access information about the program. The self-reporting survey will be available online at, and customers identified as having an “unknown” service line will receive a letter from the County encouraging them to check their service line material.  An interactive map will also be created and be posted to allow customers to type in their address and lookup the categorization of their service line.  If listed as “unknown,” they will be asked to take the survey.

“Water SIP underscores our commitment to water safety and compliance with EPA regulations,” said Ms. Henry. “Anne Arundel County has a strong track record of implementing protective measures for drinking water and the prohibition of lead piping dates back to 1936. This program builds on our proactive approach to maintaining high water quality standards.”

Water SIP is a wide-ranging approach to meeting requirements of the LCRR, encompassing both community engagement and transparency. To learn more, customers are encouraged to explore the dedicated webpage.